Installation Gallery Image

Installation Gallery 1

Image: 'meeting in pink', Langham Art Gallery, Kaslo, B.C., 2010

Installation Gallery 2 Image

Installation Gallery 2

Image: 'Fallen Sky', Two Rivers Gallery, Prince George, B.C. 2013

Installation Gallery 3 Image

Installation Gallery 3

Image: 'Machine for Making a Heart Shaped Wind', Sweetwater 905, Rolla, B.C. 2014.

Installation Gallery 4

Image: Windfence, Gallery 2, Grand Forks, B.C., 2016

Sculpture Gallery Image

Sculpture Gallery 1

Image: 'device for listening to snow', metal funnel, earbuds, 2008

Sculpture Gallery 2

Image: 'Wind', metal, white plinth, 2015

Painting Gallery Image

Painting Gallery 1

Image: 'untitled diptych (paper hat)', oil on two panels, each panel 14" x 18", 2007

Painting Gallery 2

Image: Various Paintings, Various Styles, Various Eras

Video 1

Who Has Seen the Wind, Wells, B.C., 2015