To start this update I really have to look back to 2012 when I attended the Toni Onley Artists' Project in Wells, B.C. with mentors Peter Von Tiesenhausen and Sarah Anne Johnson. It was there that I became acquainted with the fabulous artist, writer and curator, Carin Covin. Carin was in the process of applying for a B.C. Arts Council grant for a curatorial project in which she wished to write about artists she felt were making interesting work in locations that are not considered 'Art World' hubs. Carin generously asked if I would be interested in being one of those artists along with Brenda Feist and Laura Widmer. Of course I was honoured and thrilled. Carin received her grant, completed her book and you can click on the following image to see an online version of the work.

This led to Carin sending out submissions to exhibit as a trio of artists with Carin curating. In early 2016 we exhibited Local(i)ty2 at the Grand Forks Art Gallery.

Carin Covin, Brenda Feist, Nora Curiston, Laura Widmer.

I can't leave this topic without again acknowledging the Toni Onley Artists' Project. Not only did I initially meet Carin at this project in 2012, I attended again in the summer of 2015 which provided a wonderful opportunity to develop the body of work that appears in the Local(i)ty2 exhibit. As usual the mentors, in this case Harold Klunder and Ciara Phillips, were extremely supportive. And I just love being there. It's my cup of tea. Here are some pictures of our little tent trailer (named Lilly) looking out over the wetlands below the town of Wells.

Also - a special thank you to ARTiculate Magazine for supporting me with the 2015 ARTiculate Scholarship to Attend the Toni Onley Artists' Project.


Wow... it's been a long time since I reported anything on this page.

Actually I have been quite busy in the past few years so here's a quick update.

In 2013 and 2014 I was involved with design and installation of several exhibits in the Heritage Gallery of Gallery 2 Art and Heritage Centre in Grand Forks.

Here are a few photos of 'The Seventies Show' as it went up.

Seventies Show 1

Seventies Show 2

Seventies Show 3

Seventies Show 4

And here's a photo of the 'winter wall' of the Toys Were Us Exhibit before it came down to be replaced by the 'summer wall'. That's a very old and slightly manic looking Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall in the foreground.

Winter Wall

My girls' art class was very busy as well. Here are a few pictures of their exhibit at Gallery 2 in Grand Forks, and also an outdoor mural they painted for Zak Eburne.

Nora Curistons Art Class 2014 Picture 1

Nora Curistons Art Class 2014 Picture 2

Nora Curistons Art Class 2014 Picture 3

Nora Curistons Art Class 2014 Picture 4

Nora Curistons Art Class 2014 Picture 5

Nora Curistons Art Class 2014 Picture 6

Nora Curistons Art Class 2014 Picture 7

Nora Curistons Art Class 2014 Picture 8

And even a little video clip.

In June of 2013 Dave and I went up to the music festival Sweetwater 905, in Rolla, B.C. Dave performed and I installed my sculpture 'One Step Closer to the Moon'. Here's a little slide show about that. Just click on the photo.

One Step Closer to the Moon

Then we were straight off to Prince George to install a 'fallen sky' in the sculpture court of the Two Rivers Gallery. Click on the photo to see the slide show.

Fallen Sky

I'm really loving my wood carving activities. Here's my latest piece 'My Arm Without Me' as a work in progress. The titles are so important to some of my sculptures that I have been trying to incorporate them in to the pieces themselves. The final version has the title stamped along the arm almost like a tattoo.

AND!!! Dave and I were very excited to participate in Sweeterwater 905, Rolla, B.C. 2014. Here's a little video of the piece I installed there. Just click on the photo of the sculpture and Hill Mystry Cwby, who was an enormous help to me in getting it set up.

MAY 2012

The greatest news right now is that you are reading this on my brand new website!  Jack is my ‘webmaster’ and I am really indebted to him for putting up with my complete ignorance of all things technical;  he was very kind in deferring to my quest for simplicity and minimalism in the website design.

Another wonderful thing is that I am in the process of having new windows and doors installed in my studio!  No more subzero sessions in the studio with only a sheet of plastic between me and winter (I have had a hole in one of my windows and cracks around the doors that actually permitted it to be breezy inside).  Thank you to Todd Ethier, a master carpenter who built my door and all new double glazed windows!

studio improvements
Studio improvements

Temporary air conditioning
Temporary air conditioning!

My beautiful new door
My beautiful new door

In October of 2011 I attended “Art Is Your Business” in Wells, B.C.  It was wonderful to meet and work with artists from a variety of disciplines.  It also gave me an opportunity to see Wells in a whole new season – cold and frosty, beautiful.  My husband, Dave (singer/songwriter Dave Soroka) met me there after his performances up north with friend and singer/songwriter Raghu Lokanathan.  We used the opportunity to refresh ‘tied down rock’.  This time we used a heavier cable!

Paul Crawford
Paul Crawford in front of the home he shares with wife, Julie Fowler, in Wells, B.C. with the newly ‘Tied Down Rock’. October 2011.

Dave tightening the cables
Dave tightening the cables.

tied down rock
And the beast is well under control. I like the way it’s becoming part of the landscape – things accumulating around it.